Don’t Be Silly-Wrong Leg, Billy!

Text Antonis Papatheodoulou
Illustrated by Petros Bouloubasis

Billy is a happy octopus whose eight legs have
very different jobs. But sometimes things get mixed up so imagine what can happen when one leg…

Who Stole the Sun?

Text and Illustration by Clair Georgelli

This is the story about a quiet and peaceful village where everything was fine until the moment that someone took the sun away! But why would…

Level Up

Text Antonis Papatheodoulou
Illustrated by Iris Samartzi

A video game transformed into a fairy tale! A book about the power of friendship on one hand, and the correct use of power on the other.

How To Make an Elephant Dance

Text Angelos Angelou and Emi Sini
Illustrated by Sophia Touliatou

A witty story about how to turn one’s shortcomings into their greatest strength!

Mark’s Question Mark

Text Antonis Papatheodoulou
Illustrated by Iris Samartzi

All pirates have a wooden leg, an eye patch and a hook! But one morning, little Mark is born with a question mark instead of a hook. As he grows up, he…

A Stick Called Cyril

Text Alison Falkonakis
Illustrated by Nearchos Ntaskas

A heartwarming tale about a boy who finds something to keep forever.