Let’s Play!

Text  Sophia Panidou
Illustrated by Daniela Stamatiadi

Pyx has landed on the playground and wants to play with the other kids, but he’s confused.
How is football a boy’s game, since girls play it, too? And the jump rope? Is it really girly?
In just a few words, the author captures an entire philosophy of tolerance, diversity and acceptance while promoting a culture of belonging and being together.
The illustrations are simple with soft geometric shapes, elegant shades and contrasts.
The result is an uncluttered environment with attractive, small figures similar to those in a short animation film.
This title throws a powerful punch at gender stereotypes, as it examines each from a different angle.

Series: Picturebooks
Age: 4+
Hardback 290×210 mm | 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-913060-31-2
Publication: October 2024