Daniela Stamatiadi paints, illustrates, and works as a visual arts teacher in private colleges.
Her work is very often awarded in Greece and outside her country of origin: State Prize, Greek IBBY Award, Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Award (ΕBGE), Swedish IBBY Peter Pan prize for Sabelle’s Red Dress. She was the Greek illustrator nominee for the H. C. ANDERSEN AWARD 2014. Her illustration for Europa (Primavera Publisher) was included in the honour list of the Italian IBBY.She was a member of the jury for the illustration exhibition at the Bologna Children’s bookfair 2017.
Her first silent book Every Ending Is a New Beginning (Patakis Publisher), was selected for the 2023 BRAW Amazing Bookshelf, and her illustration for My Amazing Pappua (Smili Publisher) was included in the BIBF Ananas international illustration exhibition.
In 2024 her illustration for Normally (Kastaniotis Publisher) was granted the Greek IBBY picture book award, the iJungle merit award, and was included among the 346 finalists for the Bologna illustration exhibition.

Daniela Stamatiadi


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