Foreign Rights

Cyclades, Jewels of The Aegean

Alexander The Great

Crete, From King Minos To Modern Greece

The Olympic Games

Leonidas and the Battle At Thermopylae

The Battle Of Marathon

A Bee… Very Beesy!

A Talented… Cow!

A Bird… Plugged In!

A Worm with… Wings!

A Little Mouse… Busy As A Bee!

A Fish Who Didn’t Know How To… Swim!

A Very Sweet… Wolf!

A Snake So… Terrible!

Be Aware Of The Sheep… It Bites!

A Pig So… Talanted!

A Spider Alone… Searching!

A Tender… Shark!

Stand Up!


The Journey Of A Little Kiss

Friends? You Bet!

Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open

It Is Raining Christmas Gifts

Santa’s Real Presents

Santa’s Laundry

The Doll That Travelled The World

Unique Monique

Found It!

Little Bat Lost Her Hair- Clipi

The Mystery Of The Four Little Swans

Who Stole The Sun?


Summer In A Box

How To Make And Elephant Dance

Next Door Friends

Where Did Grandpa Go?

Zahra and Nicolas: their stories

Let’s Play!

A Stick Called Cyril

The God and The Bad Witches

The Good and The Bad Knights

The Good and The Bad Pirates

What’s That Meow On The Roof

Don’t Be Silly – Wrong Leg Billy!

On Ellis Wavy Sea

Level Up

The Jungle Book

Little Women

Alice In Wonderland

Tom Sawyer

Black Beauty

Doctor Dolittle

A School For Crusoes

Around The World In 80 Days

From The Earth To The Moon

20.000 Leagues Under The Sea

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Robur The Conqueror

Five Weeks In A Balloon

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

The 12 Gods Of Olympus



Paris and Helen Of Troy

Jason and The Argonauts

The Golden Fleece

Achilles and Hector

Iphigenia’s Sacrifice

The Trojan Horse

Prometheus and Fire

King Midas

Athens, The City of Athena

Odysseus In Ithaca

Odysseus’ Journey

Demeter and Persephone

Faethontas and The Sun Chariot

Pandora’s Box

Asclepius the First Therapist

Perseus and Medusa

Dionysos the Jolly God

Poseidon, God Of The Sea

Apollo and Artemis

Hermes, God of Trade

Deucalion and Pyrrha

Daedalus and Icarus

From Heroes To Miracles

From Humans To Heroes

From Gods to Humans

The Beginning Of The World

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